About SAJsportfishing

SAJsportfisjing, is a team of fly fishing enthusiasts and friends in life, and since then we have been striving to evolve our product towards excellence in the service of fishermen.

Our target customers are fly and spinning fishermen in lakes and reservoirs, and we have created our products to meet their specific needs.

During our personal experience, we reflected on the subject and observed  major problems in the use of the rod holder: making it easier to transport rods, and this is how SAJsportfisjing was born.

We decided to find a solution by launching Rod Rack our portable rod rack. Throughout the manufacturing process, we encountered various challenges, such as (weight, bulk, ease of use and transport in and out of fishing). However, with determination and perseverance, we overcame these obstacles and are proud to provide you with a successful product.

Our mission at SAJsportfishing is to create products for competitive and amateur fishermen and develop them.

We are determined to advance the practice of fishing and improve the daily lives of our fishermen. In the years to come, we plan to create fishing accessories, continuing to innovate and implement solutions that meet the needs of our sector.

We invite you to discover our range of products and services, and to join our growing communication. Thank you for choosing SAJsportfishing.